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ECU not supported / No definition found

If you are getting this error, then the server does not have the definition for your ECU or the protocol is not supported.

If you want support to be added, please send a full file and a copy-paste of the status window to

A full file is:

  • Full read in bench/boot mode (also called “backup” in some tools)
  • Virtual read from tool that does not encrypt the file (e.g. bFlash, PCMFlash, TGFlash)
  • Converted from OEM diagnostics format to raw binary.

Please don't send crypted files (e.g. FRF, ODX, SRM-F, CMDFlash VREAD, Autotuner VREAD), or files that only have maps inside (e.g. Flex VREAD, AutoTuner bench read, CMD bench read), as they are completely useless for any development.

If only the definition is missing, then most likely your definition can be added within a few minutes of you sending in the full file. For missing protocols it can take longer.

If you do not send a valid file, there is nothing that can be done to help you!

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