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Functional differences

  • The Pro logger consists of two parts. The Manager and the Client.

The Client

  • Has your company's branding - Application name, banner displayed on top
  • Is simplified in usage - only the protocol, log folder and J2534 device need to be selected
  • Does not need API key or account
  • Makes no decisions about licensing, has no possibility to buy anything, does not get asked for files.
  • After the protocol is selected and the ECU initialized, the profiles are loaded from the server (if any).
  • Can be configured to allow variable selection or only load pre-defined profiles from server.
  • Can be configured to encrypt log files and only display a limited amount of variables to the user.

Example screenshots:

prologger1.png       prologger2.png

The Manager

  • Sees all initialization attempts by all clients
  • Makes all licensing decisions
  • Is asked to provide original file (when needed)
  • Can patch any file locally
  • Can see the variable list, create (or load) profiles and save them to the server per each client
  • Can create different kinds of restrictions on what the client can and can not do

Example screenshots:


Licensing differences

  • For access to the Pro version there is a one time setup fee of 250 credits.
  • The Master license itself is exactly the same as a normal license, and it is possible to use the standard client with it.
  • The subscription has to always be active, otherwise the entire Pro portion stops working.
  • The Pro subscription is 10 credits/month instead of 5 credits/month.
  • The Pro version has less strict seat requirements / more slots for the manager application and standard logger.
  • Priority is given to support and protocol development requests by Pro users.
  • Dealers do not need subscriptions.
  • Advanced logging still has the same pricing (5 credits/VIN).
  • LIVE tuning is free of charge, however an Advanced Logging license is still required.
  • Example with 10 dealers with active subscriptions.
    • Standard: 50 credits / month (5 for each dealer)
    • Pro: 10 credits / month (1 single subscription handles all)

Gaining access

If you wish to purchase the Pro version, please send the following to

  • Company banner, height exactly 100 pixels, width up to 470 pixels
  • Name for logger (xxxxx Logger)
  • Billing information if you prefer payment through a different channel than Stripe, otherwise you can just purchase 250 credits through the billing system.

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