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  • LIVE: some modifications to support newest MEDC17 ECU's


  • LIVE tuning release for Bosch MED17/EDC17
  • Modified protocol selection (removed radio buttons)


  • Definition format change, update is required
  • Fix issue with high RAM usage during loading of BMW Advanced definitions


  • Added MED17/EDC17 and MG1/MD1 support to BMW Advanced protocol
  • Translation database updated for BMW
  • Autodetect can now detect some (but not all) Renault ECUs
  • Fixed patching issue with some VAG MG1 1.5 TSI ECUs


  • PRO: Added option to enable profile editing on client
  • PRO: Added ability to set per-user default settings applied on new inits


  • PRO: Fixed issue with new files and VAG MED17 UDS
  • Improved measurement filter performance


  • PRO: Fixed issue with MED17 on VAG TP2.0
  • Fixed issue with some Renault value conversions
  • Modified MB Adv. MEDC17 patching to improve compatibility


  • Added Renault/Nissan CAN Basic protocol - supports all Renault CAN ECUs and most Nissan CAN ECUs.
  • Update to measurement engine, this update must be applied as soon as it is available due to breaking changes in definition handling.
  • Translation database update (use the update button after pressing “…” in measurement selection window): Added translations for Renault ECUs and VAG TCUs.
  • Logger now checks if logging folder is writable and warns the user if this is not the case.
  • Added ~500 more Porsche ECU definitions for VAG/Porsche Basic logger, and updated database to latest version.
  • VAG/Porsche Basic protocols now support display of text and byte array types.
  • Added Ctrl+Shift shortcut to start and stop logging
  • Added visual color indication to status bar when logging is active


  • Implemented permission check for logging folder
  • Fixed issue with BMW UDS Basic Slave selection


  • BMW UDS Basic: Now supports Slave ECU
  • BMW KWP CAN Basic: Now supports Slave ECU
  • Implemented critical crash reporting
  • Bugfixes


  • VAG/Porsche UDS Basic: Now supports all Porsche UDS ECUs
  • VAG TCU UDS Basic: Renamed to VAG/Porsche TCU UDS
  • VAG/Porsche TCU UDS Basic: Now supports all Porsche UDS TCUs (992, Panamera G2, Macan, E2 & E3 Cayenne)
  • MB UDS Basic: Added filtering to ECU ID readout
  • PRO: Added optional log encryption in Pro Client and decryption in Pro Manager
  • PRO: Added optional limiting of displayed variables in Pro Client
  • PRO: Added speed limitation control to Pro Manager


  • VAG TP2.0 Advanced: Added MEDC17 support
  • VAG Basic UDS ECU & TCU: Added automatic speed throttling for control units that drop connection with many parameters
  • VAG Basic UDS ECU & TCU: Bugfixes for array parsing


  • Fix endianness issues in VAG Basic logger
  • PRO: Confirmation dialog for request deletion in Manager


  • Allow infinite automatic reconnects as long as valid data has been received in between (helps with unstable connections/interfaces)


  • Bugfixes


  • Added VAG TCU UDS Basic protocol with support for all VAG transmissions
  • VAG UDS Basic protocol now supports all VAG UDS engine control units


  • PRO: Fix error in Manager


  • PRO: Fix translation


  • PRO: Client release
  • PRO: Manager release

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