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  • HMC Advanced - Improved identification of SIM2K-250 controllers with long ROMID's.
  • Improved error handling.


  • Improved LIVE with some files that have odd layout of module table
  • BMW KWP Advanced - Added MSD85 ECU support
  • VAG UDS Advanced - Added support for VAG EDC17CP54 with newer UDS stack


  • New Protocol: BMW KWP - Advanced. Supports MSD80 and MSD81 control units. Others on request.


  • Added workaround for older CPC-NG versions with buggy XCP stack
  • Fixed VAG KWP TCU showing up as ECU in the PRO Manager app.


  • New Protocol: Mercedes CPC-NG - Advanced. Allows full logging of CPC-NG memory. An unlocked CPC controller is required for the protocol to work.
  • New Protocol: Hyundai/Kia TCU - Advanced. Supports DCT8 Wet, other controllers on request.
  • VAG KWP Protocols: Now also tests 0x01 init on K-Line to increase compatibility.


  • PRO: Added Remote LIVE functionality. Cost is 5 credits/VIN. Local LIVE is free of charge on standalone client as before.
  • PRO: Manager: Added LIVE functionality - exporting an encrypted file for the slave client.
  • PRO: Manager: Changed license purchase dialog to the same style used in the standalone client.
  • PRO: Manager: Added indication about which patch is installed on client (logging or logging + LIVE).
  • PRO: Slave: Shows a LIVE menu when Remote LIVE is licensed in the Manager and allows to monitor encrypted file.
  • PRO: Remote LIVE can be used with Dropbox, Google Drive and other automatic synchronization services or the file can be manually overwritten.
  • Added a warning if an already existing subscription is being extended with an unlicensed advanced protocol init (solves problem of new users buying double subscription instead of licensing advanced protocol).
  • Fixed slightly increased CPU usage when using new rate limiter introduced in v4.0.3
  • Volvo UDS Advanced: Improved compatibility with some MED9 software variants
  • MB UDS TCU Basic: Improved 7G-Tronic and 9G-Tronic identification
  • VAG UDS Advanced: Fixed SIMOS 8.5 detection error
  • XCP Connections: Fixed connection not being cleaned up sometimes if there was an error during initialization
  • MB KWP Basic: Fixed definitions not being found for certain CRD controllers


  • PRO: Manager now shows credit balance together with the subscription status
  • PRO: Added setting to store initializations performed by the standalone master client on the server (only slave intializations are stored by default).
  • PRO: Show CSV settings loaded from the server rather than the ones stored on the PC.
  • PRO: Init list is now automatically refreshed in Manager after API key entered or changed in settings.
  • Fixed file processing for certain old EDC17CP04 variants, the file number was not detected correctly.
  • Fixed issue with DTC reading on patched Porsche ME7.8.1 CAN controllers. The tool will ask to read the DTC's while not measuring. Patched logging uses K-Line, but the ECU uses CAN for DTC's and simultaneous connection is impossible.
  • Fixed identification on very early MB EDC17 control units, the A2L ID was not read correctly.


  • Renault Basic: Display nicer idents in case the ECU sends them in ASCII
  • Volvo Advanced: Improved A2L ID parsing logic
  • VAG UDS - Advanced: Fixed SIMOS 8.5 patch.
  • VAG UDS - Advanced: Support for EDC17C74 with MG1 style UDS stack
  • High resolution timer used for rate limiting, resulting in less drift between samples


  • Porsche KWP - Advanced: Added fast logging patch for 997.1 Turbo ST10F296 ECU's.
  • Porsche KWP - Advanced: Added fast logging patch for 997 Carrera and 987 C167 ECU's.
  • Porsche KWP - Advanced: Added DTC reading and clearing to K-Line ECU's.


  • Fixed a regression affecting security access in VAG ME7 C167 Free protocol.


  • Volvo Advanced: Added support for Volvo ME7 controllers on 250k CAN. Requires J2534 device with K-Line support.


  • Added cloud profile functionality. To access it select “cloud” in measurements. Save/load profiles onto the server, optionally share them with other users, rate profiles. Automatically shows relevant profiles based on ECU.
  • New protocol: Opel ME1.5.5/ME7.6.2 advanced, incl. fast logging patch.
  • Ferrari KWP Basic protocol now also supports ME7 controllers on K-Line.
  • Improved offset detection for MG1 ECU's where flashtools insert or remove random offsets to the file (e.g. AutoTuner).
  • Translation database update
  • Added a “do not ask again” option to some dialogs


  • LIVE: New algorithm to speed up initial sync by over 10 times.
  • Autodetect now also works on Suzuki ECU's
  • The log is now also automatically appended to LoggerLastError.txt


  • Suzuki Advanced: Added logging support for vehicles with blocking gateway incl. optional patch.
  • Suzuki Advanced: Added LIVE support.
  • Improved gateway probing algorithm


  • New Protocol: Suzuki Advanced. Supports MED17.9.63 controllers


  • VAG KWP Advanced: Now supports VAG KWP2000 and CAN ME7 control units. ST10 and C167.
  • VAG KWP Advanced: Improved speed detection


  • MB UDS Advanced: Added support for MD1CP001 controllers
  • BMW UDS Advanced: Fixed ident on certain ECU's that report blocks out of normal order
  • Improved maximized behaviour for standard client


  • Alfa/Fiat UDS Advanced: Added support for EDC17C69.
  • MB UDS Advanced: Added support for Aston Martin with M177 engine.


  • PRO: Improved navigation in filter
  • PRO: Account selection no longer gets disabled if after filtering there are zero results
  • PRO: Removed some protocol choices from dropdown, since the tool is not using them internally
  • Mercedes KWP Basic: Added timing controls for K-Line ECU's.
  • Fiat UDS Advanced: Added additional detection for some MM10JA control units with non-standard HW ID.
  • UDS Basic protocols: Improved grouping size detection logic.


  • VAG KWP: Further improved TP2.0 speed detection
  • VAG KWP: Fixed large amount of warning messages on some controllers
  • VAG KWP TCU: Fixed init when ECU is UDS.


  • Introduced small delay on automatic switchover from VAG UDS to VAG KWP protocol, because some controllers require it.
  • Improved UDS Autodetect: Added Maserati detection


  • New Protocol: VAG KWP TCU Basic
  • VAG KWP protocols - improved block scanning
  • VAG KWP protocols - added timing detection for TP2.0 ECU's
  • MB UDS protocols - Attempt to start extended session if identification fails in standard session


  • Fixed slave ECU connection issue


  • VAG KWP Basic: Fixed measuring groups above 127 displaying incorrect variables
  • VAG KWP Basic: Fixed scanning error on some EDC16 controllers
  • VAG KWP Basic: Improved fast baudrate and timing detection
  • VAG KWP Basic: Improved global label loading (Gasoline/Diesel engine detection)
  • UDS Protocol autodetection: Improved speed
  • Update is required to continue usage of VAG KWP Basic protocol.


  • Fixed rare bug causing error when removing measuring values
  • Fixed not being able to read DTC's while connected on VAG KWP Basic protocol
  • Modified VAG KWP Basic/Advanced logic to not try any faster timing than ISO standard when STmin is set to 5.


  • New protocol: VAG KWP - Basic. Supports TP2.0 CAN and KWP2000 K-Line communications. Custom measuring blocks are supported as well as visualization of diagnostic limits.
  • VAG TP2.0 - Advanced: Renamed to VAG KWP Advanced. Now also supports MED9/MED17/EDC17 controllers on K-Line.
  • Added checkbox in main view to optionally display the description next to the ID.
  • Fixed log filenames containing slave even when slave checkbox unchecked.


  • Ferrari KWP Basic/Advanced protocol now supports Master & Slave ECU's.
  • When saving a profile the filename of the most recently loaded profile is offered as the default name.


  • Added alternate ident reading for some BMW EDC16 ECU's
  • Fixed STmin being ignored
  • Fixed rare UI error causing crash


  • Fixed fingerprinting issue causing loading of incorrect definition on some VAG ECU's


  • Hyundai/Kia Advanced: Fixed ident error on SIM2K-260 ECU.


  • VAG TCU Basic: Added support for MQB Evo gearboxes on extended CAN ID's
  • Measurements already added to the list are now highlighted in bold


  • Modified FAL Marelli ident to avoid collisions. This update is manadatory for logging Marelli control units, otherwise server will no longer find definition.
  • More ECU ID data is shown during initialization of ECU in Renault Basic protocol.
  • Added custom variable definition ability to Renault Basic protocol.


  • Remove .NET 6.0 check if runtime upgraded successfully.


  • Runtime update to .NET 6.0


  • New protocol: FAL Marelli. Supports MM10JA, MM8GMF, MM8GMK, MM8GMW control units. Accessed via “Alfa/Fiat UDS Advanced”.
  • Preparations for app wide .NET version upgrade. You will be prompted to install the .NET 6.0 runtime, if it is not detected on your system. No new updates will be able to be installed until it is successfully detected.


  • Hyundai/Kia Advanced protocol now also supports SIM2K-240 and MED17.9.8 controllers
  • Improved multivariant detection for LIVE


  • Hotfix for EPK string parsing functionality in some protocols causing errors.


  • Maserati UDS Advanced: Fixed parsing of some Maserati EPK strings.


  • New protocol: Maserati Advanced. Supported control units: MED17.3.4, MED17.3.5, EDC17C79. Detection and support of secure gateway.
  • Fixed init on VAG MEB platform.
  • Added dialog that allows to open documentation when no definition is found.


  • New protocol: Hyundai/Kia Advanced. Supported control units: SIM2K-250, SIM2K-260, Kefico CPEGD2. More to come.
  • Added drag and drop reordering to measurement selection
  • Added coloring based on current measurement raster to measurement selection (used in CCP/XCP/Ford DAQ protocols).


  • New protocol: Porsche KWP now supports ME7.8 and ME7.2 control units on K-Line incl. fast logging patch
  • Ferrari KWP Advanced: added LIVE support
  • Fixed issue clearing DTC's on some MB UDS controllers
  • Fixed J2534 device not working until restart after error occurs during init in VAG ME7 K-Line protocol
  • Fixed license dialog incorrectly showing patch warning on ECU's that do not require patching


  • Fixed patching on some PSA controllers
  • Fixed ID in Pro Manager for BMW bikes
  • Fixed Volvo D2 init


  • Fixed erroneously displayed phantom DTC in MB UDS controllers
  • Fixed patching bug on Ferrari KWP and PSA KWP protocols
  • Enabled cleanup of a few unnecessary files
  • The measurement values in the UI can now update at 20hz instead of 10hz for a smoother experience (this has no effect on logging)
  • More resilient logging in MB UDS Basic for TCU's that sometimes do not reply
  • Increased CAN timeout during BMW Advanced protocol ident for some controllers
  • Improved breaking/stopping conditions when logging cancelled during erroneous situation


  • Fixed patching issue on MB MED1775 with 1779040801 flashlayout


  • Ford UDS - Advanced now uses ISO-TP stack from new muxer
  • Stability improvements during reconnect
  • Fix VAG protocols not saving correct suffix to log files


  • Core comms rewrite.
  • Muxer is now beast mode - works with every protocol.
  • Possible to start/stop logging in all loggers simultaneously in Muxer. Standard & PRO.
  • TP2.0 protocol dynamic channel allocation based on ECU ID, multi-ecu logging through muxer
  • Further 3-4x speedup for Porsche KWP - ME7 protocol
  • Fixed crash in BMW KWP - Basic protocol when selecting only variables that are not supported by current controller
  • BMW UDS - Advanced: made protocol tolerant to dropped frames, added automatic retransmission.
  • PRO Client: Pool measurement editing events before sending them to protocol, as in the main client (in case custom profile is enabled).
  • More descriptive error messages for J2534 errors thrown by interface


  • Fiat/Alfa UDS - Advanced: Now supports ME7.9.10 CAN controllers
  • Porsche KWP - ME7 protocol supports alternative logging method for common variables, 4-8x logging speedup.
  • PRO: correctly display and filter when protocol was automatically switched on client.


  • VAG UDS - Advanced: Add support for Bentley MED17.1.62 C85
  • Porsche KWP - Advanced: Fix issue with 997 identification
  • Fix issue on PRO slave client saving invalid protocol value when an internal protocol switch occurs
  • Fix list sorting overwhelming logging protocol with restart requests


  • Minor bugfixes.


  • Remove KWP debug logging
  • Automatically disable $2C for MB CR6NFZ ecu's in basic mode, as these ECU's crash upon calling $2C service.


  • Mercedes ECU KWP Basic - now also supports KWP2000 K-Line controllers incl. DTC functionality.
  • BMW KWP Basic - now also supports BMW-FAST K-Line controllers incl. DTC functionality.
  • OBD Generic - now also supports ISO14230-4 K-Line controllers incl. DTC functionality.
  • VAG TP2.0 Basic - Added gateway detection and manual stacking size limiting support for bad gateways
  • Home and End keys can now be used to go to the start and end of the measurement selection list.
  • Fixed issue with advanced options not applying to PRO clients.


  • Fix error when reloading in Pro Manager


  • New protocol: Volvo ME9 - Advanced, supports D2 and UDS based controllers.
  • Fix profile autosaver (between inits) not saving exploded arrays.


  • Fixed bugs and improved gateway detection
  • Workaround for LIVE block writing with bad gateways
  • The above changes mean that the McLaren protocol now reliably traverses the gateway. However, for best speed it is still recommended to tap the PTCan.


  • New protocol: Maserati MED17 UDS - Basic, including DTC reading/clearing
  • Fixed CPC3 ident in MB CPC UDS - Basic protocol.


  • Fix Porsche SDI9 identification.


  • Stricter file filter for VAG ME7 C167 protocol to prevent invalid files from being accepted


  • Minor fixes for Porsche KWP Advanced and Fiat Advanced protocols


  • VAG ME7 K-line Advanced - protocol now supports some newer 40mhz ECU's that require security
  • VAG ME7 K-line Advanced - more data is read out for a2l id to prevent collisions
  • PRO: More data read out and displayed for Porsche KWP protocols


  • PRO: Added filter
  • PRO: Added remote translation option
  • PRO: Added the possibility to change all advanced options
  • PRO: Relaxed anti flood timers
  • PRO: Added description tooltips for slave clients when hovering ID.
  • Porsche KWP Advanced - added optional patch for improved logging speed
  • Porsche KWP Advanced - fixed security access failing in a few corner cases
  • Fixed state of translation checkbox not corresponding to actual setting after a new init
  • Improved bad gateway detection
  • Allowed for dropped responses in some protocols before closing connection
  • Fixed gateway issue in PSA UDS Advanced protocol

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