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  • Improved filter responsiveness


  • Fixed regression with Basic logging speed on BMW Diesel
  • Added workarounds for strange behavior of some MB Basic control units


  • Added Mercedes TCU Basic protocol
  • Added Mercedes CPC Basic protocol


  • Fixed issue where translation checkbox is not re-evaluated after a new init.
  • Variable selection now persists across inits, it is no longer cleared every time.


  • Added workaround for some Mercedes EDC17 controllers that do not support DDLI properly
  • Some Mercedes controllers have data arranged as large measuring blocks with many values in each block. Changed the ID's in such controllers to show block number. Choosing variables from the same block means higher logging speed.
  • Translation DB Updated


  • Mercedes UDS Basic ECU protocol now supports all UDS ECU's
  • Due to data source changes, some variable ID's changed in Mercedes Basic gasoline ECU definitions, one of them is knock retard. Please adjust your profiles (sorry!).
  • Translation database updated to include translations for new MB supported ECU's, please update the database.
  • 50% logging speedup on most MEDC17 ECU's with LIVE patch applied.
  • Measurement engine: Better ASAM MCD compliance during bit extraction.
  • Measurement engine: Added special mode for MB Caesar and Renault, fixes 24bit variable issues on Renault (e.g. EMS3110 injection time).
  • Protocol selection dropdown UX improved
  • Fix Porsche KWP protocol accepting invalid files during init


  • Improved LIVE stability during initial sync
  • Tweaks to TP2.0 inter-telegram timing


  • Tweaks to LIVE patch protocol timings for enhanced stability


  • Reverted TP2.0 and other protocol changes because they caused packet drops on some J2534 interfaces
  • Fixed race condition with disconnect button and reconnection attempt


  • LIVE: Implemented mitigation for critical bug in ECU patch.
  • LIVE: Added graceful recovery in case of random dropped packets
  • VAG TP2.0 Protocol: performance improved 20-30%
  • KWP & UDS Protocols: minor performance improvements
  • Improved error handling in Muxer communication
  • Muxer has new version available, download it manually. New version has autoupdate functionality.


  • Fix support for Secure GW on MB Basic protocol
  • Add workaround for non-standard behavior of some Renault Hitachi controllers


  • NEW TOOL: VehiCAL Muxer - allows multiple loggers to connect to different control units at the same time.
  • LIVE: Support for M&S ECU's via Muxer
  • Added workaround in VAG Basic protocol to support Lamborghini Huracan TCU
  • LIVE: Fixed some detection heuristics for TC1766 based ECU's


  • LIVE: SPC5777 MG1/MD1 now supported


  • LIVE: Implement mitigation for buggy VAG gateways


  • Improve measurement filter responsiveness in some edge cases


  • LIVE: FAL ME17.3.0 support
  • LIVE: Detection and prevention of writing to areas with monitoring checksum (which would lead to ECU reset)
  • LIVE: Fixed issue with UI not updating when LIVE stopped due to error
  • The installer for the logger is now signed with a digital certificate, which should reduce antivirus false positives


  • LIVE: VAG MG1 IFX support
  • LIVE: Multivariant ECU support
  • PRO: Fix patching bug
  • Logging support for older EDC17CP04 ECU's
  • Support for BMW DME8.6 IDENT parsing
  • Fixed BMW Advanced protocol crash in certain conditions
  • Fixed bug in logging request composition on LIVE patched ECU's
  • Fixed error with patching TP2.0 ECU's introduced in 2.0


  • VAG MG1CS011 Advanced logging support for some newer variants
  • Changes for LIVE multivariant support


  • LIVE: some modifications to support newest MEDC17 ECU's


  • LIVE tuning release for Bosch MED17/EDC17
  • Modified protocol selection (removed radio buttons)


  • Definition format change, update is required
  • Fix issue with high RAM usage during loading of BMW Advanced definitions


  • Added MED17/EDC17 and MG1/MD1 support to BMW Advanced protocol
  • Translation database updated for BMW
  • Autodetect can now detect some (but not all) Renault ECUs
  • Fixed patching issue with some VAG MG1 1.5 TSI ECUs


  • PRO: Added option to enable profile editing on client
  • PRO: Added ability to set per-user default settings applied on new inits


  • PRO: Fixed issue with new files and VAG MED17 UDS
  • Improved measurement filter performance


  • PRO: Fixed issue with MED17 on VAG TP2.0
  • Fixed issue with some Renault value conversions
  • Modified MB Adv. MEDC17 patching to improve compatibility


  • Added Renault/Nissan CAN Basic protocol - supports all Renault CAN ECUs and most Nissan CAN ECUs.
  • Update to measurement engine, this update must be applied as soon as it is available due to breaking changes in definition handling.
  • Translation database update (use the update button after pressing “…” in measurement selection window): Added translations for Renault ECUs and VAG TCUs.
  • Logger now checks if logging folder is writable and warns the user if this is not the case.
  • Added ~500 more Porsche ECU definitions for VAG/Porsche Basic logger, and updated database to latest version.
  • VAG/Porsche Basic protocols now support display of text and byte array types.
  • Added Ctrl+Shift shortcut to start and stop logging
  • Added visual color indication to status bar when logging is active

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