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  • VAG UDS Advanced: Preliminary SIMOS19.3 support
  • Improved controller discovery for OBD Generic protocol
  • Workaround for some non-standards compliant controllers for OBD Generic protocol


  • Allow OBD II protocol to work on controllers that report blank VIN.


  • Improved VAG SIMOS 19 patch
  • Added information about 1 month being counted as 30 days to subscription extension dialog.


  • Fix for WinOLS not connecting in some instances.


  • VAG UDS Advanced: Added Simos 18.4 support
  • Added option to limit $22 maximum stack size.
  • Added option to try reconnecting indefinitely until cancelled
  • Improved disconnecting logic to avoid UI desync
  • Better synchronization of WinOLS interface to prevent possible race conditions


  • MB UDS Advanced: Fixed a bug that caused MG1 patch detection to fail on non-locked GW.
  • PRO: fixed some serverside patches failing in manager.


  • VAG UDS Advanced: Added Simos 19.6 support
  • Added warning to the licensing dialog when licensing an ECU that requires patching to log
  • Fixed a crash when loading the same custom measurements multiple times


  • New WinOLS real time tracing integration. Requires UCM100 interface or OLS1011 plugin. See “WinOLS Integration” in “Help” menu for more details.
  • Added option to always translate definitions to English.
  • Added ability to sort the selected measurements by id in the measurement selection window (ascending/descending/unsorted). The sort order is also saved into the profile.
  • Added protection against user selecting excessive amount of variables (500+) and crashing ECU in some Advanced protocols.
  • Alfa/Fiat UDS Advanced: added support for secure gateway. Patch is mandatory.
  • VAG TP2.0 Advanced: added support for special MED9 init (e.g. Audi S5 4.2L).
  • Ferrari KWP Basic: fixed logging issues on some cars
  • OBD Basic: implemented a few graceful workarounds for ECU's not behaving according to spec
  • UDS Autodetect: Implemented a warning if user is trying to communicate with a KWP ECU using UDS protocol.
  • Renamed “Patch ECU” button to “Patch file”, as it was causing confusion for some new users.


  • Fixed crash when trying to read codes while measurement is running on VAG TP2.0 Advanced protocol


  • PRO: Added option to patch with LIVE patch
  • PRO: Added option to read and save DTCs automatically on every init
  • Added marker functionality to standard client (activate under options)
  • Improved hotkey handling functionality
  • Fixed profile folder not being saved/recalled correctly


  • Fix for some MB DTC decoding
  • Fix for timeout on reading DTC's from MB CPC.


  • Added manufacturer specific DTC reading and clearing functionality
  • VAG/Porsche UDS: Added DTC reading/clearing/clearing in all modules
  • BMW UDS: Added DTC reading/clearing/clearing in all modules
  • OBD Generic: Added DTC reading/clearing/clearing in all modules
  • VAG TP2.0: Added DTC reading/clearing
  • Porsche KWP Advanced: Added DTC reading/clearing
  • MB UDS: Added DTC reading/clearing
  • MB KWP: Added DTC reading/clearing
  • OBD Generic: Significantly improved connectivity and ECU detection
  • PRO: Added global setting for log format
  • Added tooltips in measurement list when hovering over ID
  • Added alternate row colouring in measurement list
  • Prevent protocol change when no connection attempts were successful
  • Renault Basic: suppressed error when ECU presents bad VIN
  • Fixed MB UDS TCU/CPC suffixes not being applied to log file


  • VAG/Porsche UDS Advanced: Added logging support for Continental SDI21
  • VAG/Porsche UDS Advanced: Added logging support for Continental SDI10
  • MB UDS Advanced: Added LIVE support for cars with secure gateway
  • BRP Advanced: Added logging and LIVE for older Seadoo Spark with ME17 KWP protocol
  • Fiat/Alfa Advanced: Added logging and LIVE for MED17.3.5 M&S
  • Pro: Fixed issue with incorrect patching on MB UDS Advanced protocol with secure GW
  • OBD Basic: Fixed issue with controllers that do not report VIN


  • BMW Advanced protocol now additionally supports some rare controllers with non-standard EPK.
  • VAG UDS Advanced and Basic automatically switch to TP2.0 protocol if there is no response to UDS challenges.


  • New protocol: Ford KWP Advanced - supports full RAM logging on older KWP CAN controllers (e.g. Focus ST, Focus RS). No patch required.
  • LIVE support for Bosch ECU's on MQB EVO platform.
  • Protocol auto switching support in case of wrong protocol selected. Currently for Ford UDS / KWP protocols, but will be extended to others as well (e.g. VAG TP2.0/UDS, BMW UDS / KWP).
  • Fixes to VAG patching on some MG1 ECUs where wrong patch was being applied or at wrong location.


  • Improve OBD II compatibility (e.g. Honda)
  • Better CAN scanning for Renault
  • Improved rendering of some elements at different resolutions


  • PRO: Inits can now be shared between different Pro users, allowing for better collaboration between connected companies. To share your inits with another PRO user you can use the “Settings” button to add their billing e-mail and choose the permissions. Accounts shared with you are visible in the dropdown, where they can be chosen.
  • Improved BMW Advanced ASW string parsing
  • Better parsing for some bugged Ford A2L, improving the parameters available in the Ford Advanced logger


  • PRO: Do not reload list every time after init deletion


  • PRO: Implemented keyboard navigation and deletion for request list
  • PRO: Added init data to bottom log window
  • PRO: Added pagination after more than 100 init requests
  • LIVE: Always display in log window whether LIVE is available or not after every init to avoid confusion
  • Display selected protocol in the log window when connecting


  • Support for adding custom variables for advanced protocols. Refer to the Custom Variables help page.
  • Target refresh rate for limiter can now be adjusted by the user.
  • STmin slider now also modifies TP2.0 interframe timing


  • MQB EVO support for VAG UDS ECU Basic & Advanced (e.g. Golf Mk8).


  • New protocol: Mercedes ECU KWP CAN Basic - supports older MB cars (e.g. ME9, EDC16)
  • Support for more ECU's in Mercedes ECU UDS Basic
  • Translation DB update - do not forget to update it in the tool if you use it
  • Added advanced option to disable $2C grouping as a workaround on some MB UDS ECU's
  • Fiat Advanced protocol now supports logging and LIVE on Alfa Romeo Giulia with MED17.3.3 ECU
  • Fix for Mercedes ECU UDS Basic on ECUs that do not report VIN
  • Fix for Porsche 918 definition lookup on Basic protocol.
  • Improved server performance

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