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Newer changes


  • New protocol: VAG ME7 C167 K-Line - Advanced. The protocol is free of charge.
  • Fixed issue of measurements sometimes not being added properly when rapidly adding them one by one


  • Fixed regression with some Porsche KWP SDI connections


  • Porsche KWP Advanced protocol now also supports ME7 CAN control units (e.g. 997.1)
  • Fixed an issue with tooltips of arrays not getting translated.


  • New protocol: PSA KWP - Advanced. Supports PSA KWP MED17 and MEVD17 ECU's
  • New protocol: PSA UDS - Advanced. Supports PSA UDS MED17 and MEVD17 ECU's
  • New protocol: Ferrari KWP - Advanced. Supports Ferrari MED17 ECU's
  • Automatic detection and switchover for PSA KWP and UDS protocols, if you choose the wrong one
  • Fixed a regression affecting module table detection in some binaries (LIVE).
  • Fixed issue with state sometimes resetting to uninitialized, after automatic protocol switchover


  • LIVE: Fix an issue with wrong detection of calibration area in some binaries.


  • PRO: Fix issue with Generic OBD II protocol inits being stored multiple times for the same vehicle.


  • VAG UDS Advanced: Preliminary SIMOS19.3 support
  • Improved controller discovery for OBD Generic protocol
  • Workaround for some non-standards compliant controllers for OBD Generic protocol


  • Allow OBD II protocol to work on controllers that report blank VIN.


  • Improved VAG SIMOS 19 patch
  • Added information about 1 month being counted as 30 days to subscription extension dialog.


  • Fix for WinOLS not connecting in some instances.


  • VAG UDS Advanced: Added Simos 18.4 support
  • Added option to limit $22 maximum stack size.
  • Added option to try reconnecting indefinitely until cancelled
  • Improved disconnecting logic to avoid UI desync
  • Better synchronization of WinOLS interface to prevent possible race conditions


  • MB UDS Advanced: Fixed a bug that caused MG1 patch detection to fail on non-locked GW.
  • PRO: fixed some serverside patches failing in manager.


  • VAG UDS Advanced: Added Simos 19.6 support
  • Added warning to the licensing dialog when licensing an ECU that requires patching to log
  • Fixed a crash when loading the same custom measurements multiple times


  • New WinOLS real time tracing integration. Requires UCM100 interface or OLS1011 plugin. See “WinOLS Integration” in “Help” menu for more details.
  • Added option to always translate definitions to English.
  • Added ability to sort the selected measurements by id in the measurement selection window (ascending/descending/unsorted). The sort order is also saved into the profile.
  • Added protection against user selecting excessive amount of variables (500+) and crashing ECU in some Advanced protocols.
  • Alfa/Fiat UDS Advanced: added support for secure gateway. Patch is mandatory.
  • VAG TP2.0 Advanced: added support for special MED9 init (e.g. Audi S5 4.2L).
  • Ferrari KWP Basic: fixed logging issues on some cars
  • OBD Basic: implemented a few graceful workarounds for ECU's not behaving according to spec
  • UDS Autodetect: Implemented a warning if user is trying to communicate with a KWP ECU using UDS protocol.
  • Renamed “Patch ECU” button to “Patch file”, as it was causing confusion for some new users.


  • Fixed crash when trying to read codes while measurement is running on VAG TP2.0 Advanced protocol


  • PRO: Added option to patch with LIVE patch
  • PRO: Added option to read and save DTCs automatically on every init
  • Added marker functionality to standard client (activate under options)
  • Improved hotkey handling functionality
  • Fixed profile folder not being saved/recalled correctly


  • Fix for some MB DTC decoding
  • Fix for timeout on reading DTC's from MB CPC.


  • Added manufacturer specific DTC reading and clearing functionality
  • VAG/Porsche UDS: Added DTC reading/clearing/clearing in all modules
  • BMW UDS: Added DTC reading/clearing/clearing in all modules
  • OBD Generic: Added DTC reading/clearing/clearing in all modules
  • VAG TP2.0: Added DTC reading/clearing
  • Porsche KWP Advanced: Added DTC reading/clearing
  • MB UDS: Added DTC reading/clearing
  • MB KWP: Added DTC reading/clearing
  • OBD Generic: Significantly improved connectivity and ECU detection
  • PRO: Added global setting for log format
  • Added tooltips in measurement list when hovering over ID
  • Added alternate row colouring in measurement list
  • Prevent protocol change when no connection attempts were successful
  • Renault Basic: suppressed error when ECU presents bad VIN
  • Fixed MB UDS TCU/CPC suffixes not being applied to log file


  • VAG/Porsche UDS Advanced: Added logging support for Continental SDI21
  • VAG/Porsche UDS Advanced: Added logging support for Continental SDI10
  • MB UDS Advanced: Added LIVE support for cars with secure gateway
  • BRP Advanced: Added logging and LIVE for older Seadoo Spark with ME17 KWP protocol
  • Fiat/Alfa Advanced: Added logging and LIVE for MED17.3.5 M&S
  • Pro: Fixed issue with incorrect patching on MB UDS Advanced protocol with secure GW
  • OBD Basic: Fixed issue with controllers that do not report VIN


  • BMW Advanced protocol now additionally supports some rare controllers with non-standard EPK.
  • VAG UDS Advanced and Basic automatically switch to TP2.0 protocol if there is no response to UDS challenges.


  • New protocol: Ford KWP Advanced - supports full RAM logging on older KWP CAN controllers (e.g. Focus ST, Focus RS). No patch required.
  • LIVE support for Bosch ECU's on MQB EVO platform.
  • Protocol auto switching support in case of wrong protocol selected. Currently for Ford UDS / KWP protocols, but will be extended to others as well (e.g. VAG TP2.0/UDS, BMW UDS / KWP).
  • Fixes to VAG patching on some MG1 ECUs where wrong patch was being applied or at wrong location.


  • Improve OBD II compatibility (e.g. Honda)
  • Better CAN scanning for Renault
  • Improved rendering of some elements at different resolutions


  • PRO: Inits can now be shared between different Pro users, allowing for better collaboration between connected companies. To share your inits with another PRO user you can use the “Settings” button to add their billing e-mail and choose the permissions. Accounts shared with you are visible in the dropdown, where they can be chosen.
  • Improved BMW Advanced ASW string parsing
  • Better parsing for some bugged Ford A2L, improving the parameters available in the Ford Advanced logger


  • PRO: Do not reload list every time after init deletion


  • PRO: Implemented keyboard navigation and deletion for request list
  • PRO: Added init data to bottom log window
  • PRO: Added pagination after more than 100 init requests
  • LIVE: Always display in log window whether LIVE is available or not after every init to avoid confusion
  • Display selected protocol in the log window when connecting


  • Support for adding custom variables for advanced protocols. Refer to the Custom Variables help page.
  • Target refresh rate for limiter can now be adjusted by the user.
  • STmin slider now also modifies TP2.0 interframe timing


  • MQB EVO support for VAG UDS ECU Basic & Advanced (e.g. Golf Mk8).


  • New protocol: Mercedes ECU KWP CAN Basic - supports older MB cars (e.g. ME9, EDC16)
  • Support for more ECU's in Mercedes ECU UDS Basic
  • Translation DB update - do not forget to update it in the tool if you use it
  • Added advanced option to disable $2C grouping as a workaround on some MB UDS ECU's
  • Fiat Advanced protocol now supports logging and LIVE on Alfa Romeo Giulia with MED17.3.3 ECU
  • Fix for Mercedes ECU UDS Basic on ECUs that do not report VIN
  • Fix for Porsche 918 definition lookup on Basic protocol.
  • Improved server performance


  • Fixed high CPU usage at LIVE tuning start when compensating for certain flashtools that insert random offsets into files.


  • PRO: If a push notification is received while in detail view, refresh data only after returning home.
  • Fix a rare rounding related crash when starting logging


  • MED17.5.25 LIVE support
  • Workaround for MB DCT definition lookup collisions
  • Workaround for MB ident on modules that report only one number instead of three
  • Support LoHi byte order on MB definitions (e.g. Conti DCT)
  • Fix OBD II ID collision on server
  • Fix BMW EDC17 patching
  • Add support for Renault development ECU's that do not report VIN


  • OBD II: Try to connect to Engine 1 directly, if no response received to broadcast


  • Modify MB Basic protocol variant lookup to prevent collisions


  • Support OBD II controllers that do not report VIN


  • Better compatibility and filtering of OBD II controllers during init


  • Added Generic OBD II protocol - the full PID list is supported (J1979DA-2021), all controllers are supported. CAN only, no K-Line.
  • Added advanced logger support for VAG MED17.1.10 ECU
  • Added warning if patching incomplete AT read (MEDC17)
  • Updated VAG database to latest version
  • Fixed crash in case a bad definition is received from server


  • Better error reporting
  • Workaround for MB UDS Basic logger when control unit does not respond to $F121
  • Workaround for early VAG DQ500 responding with broken response when trying to group variables
  • Digitally signed all modules to reduce probability of trouble with overeager antivirus programs


  • Hotfix: Bundle some extra DLL's to prevent no-start on older versions of Windows


  • New protocol: Ford UDS Advanced. Tested on ME9 and MED17 control units, MG1 should work as well.
  • PRO: Add green logging indication to client
  • PRO: Add Ctrl+Shift start logging shortcut to client
  • Application now remembers profile directory separately from the logging output directory
  • User friendlier messages on extended ECU probes during first connection after init
  • Various fixes


  • Fix incorrect array handling in optimizer. This resulted in logging incorrect data on BMW UDS Advanced and MB UDS Advanced logger (without patch) in some instances.


  • You can now get a month of free subscription if you buy subscription for 11 months at once. This affects both regular as well as PRO customers. The system adds an extra free month for every 11 months bought, and this is also reflected in the subscription dialog. A month is always considered 30 days for billing purposes.
  • Improved stacking size detection speed on some G series BMW's.


  • New protocol: BRP Rotax KWP Advanced, supports logging and LIVE on Rotax ME17 ecu's (Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Can Am etc).
  • PRO: notification system on new inits. When a new init is added, the manager instantly notifies and refreshes the list
  • Modified UI to allow more configurable options
  • CSV header customization - you can now customize the order of the CSV header rows, and create your own custom formatted header row
  • STmin adjustment - allows manual adjustment of inter-frame delay. This is useful for some bad gateways that drop frames.
  • Logger main window now maximizes into the left side of the display. Many people were using the main window maximized, even though it makes no sense to stretch it over the screen. The position is also saved and recalled.
  • Fixed MB SIM271 definitions
  • Changed VAG TC298 patch offset to work around bug in K-Tag flasher.
  • Fixed locating of certain Porsche definitions in VAG/Porsche UDS Basic logger


  • Workaround for bad UDS stack in MB CRD3 Delphi ECU's.


  • More resilient communication in LIVE mode on bad gateways
  • Some workarounds to ignore errors on some ECU's with bad UDS stacks when polling initial data for Basic loggers (BMW, MB).


  • Fix S8.4/8.5 patching issue on some ECU's


  • Updates to communication engine for BMW G20 support


  • Hotfix for BMW UDS Basic protocol


  • Implement workaround for Google GRPC library and switch back to it from Microsoft as Microsoft library does not support proxies.


  • Workaround for bug in Google GRPC Library that can not deal with new LetsEncrypt certificate
  • Added LIVE support for Honda MED17
  • New ECU communication engine for MB Basic, BMW Basic and BMW Advanced protocols, which allows to always achieve the maximum possible logging speed supported by the ECU.
  • Added EDC17 support to BMW Advanced protocol (needs patch)
  • Added SIMOS 8.4 and SIMOS 8.5 support to VAG Advanced protocol
  • Reworked SIMOS 18 patch to fix logging data corruption due to non-atomic reads
  • Implemented progressive throttling with LIVE patch to work around bad gateways
  • Fixed rare definition loading error leading to crash
  • Fixed calibration area detection on some files


  • Fixed connection issues on some MB gearboxes


  • Fixed bug in Renault CAN protocol


  • Improved filter responsiveness


  • Fixed regression with Basic logging speed on BMW Diesel
  • Added workarounds for strange behavior of some MB Basic control units


  • Added Mercedes TCU Basic protocol
  • Added Mercedes CPC Basic protocol


  • Fixed issue where translation checkbox is not re-evaluated after a new init.
  • Variable selection now persists across inits, it is no longer cleared every time.


  • Added workaround for some Mercedes EDC17 controllers that do not support DDLI properly
  • Some Mercedes controllers have data arranged as large measuring blocks with many values in each block. Changed the ID's in such controllers to show block number. Choosing variables from the same block means higher logging speed.
  • Translation DB Updated


  • Mercedes UDS Basic ECU protocol now supports all UDS ECU's
  • Due to data source changes, some variable ID's changed in Mercedes Basic gasoline ECU definitions, one of them is knock retard. Please adjust your profiles (sorry!).
  • Translation database updated to include translations for new MB supported ECU's, please update the database.
  • 50% logging speedup on most MEDC17 ECU's with LIVE patch applied.
  • Measurement engine: Better ASAM MCD compliance during bit extraction.
  • Measurement engine: Added special mode for MB Caesar and Renault, fixes 24bit variable issues on Renault (e.g. EMS3110 injection time).
  • Protocol selection dropdown UX improved
  • Fix Porsche KWP protocol accepting invalid files during init


  • Improved LIVE stability during initial sync
  • Tweaks to TP2.0 inter-telegram timing


  • Tweaks to LIVE patch protocol timings for enhanced stability


  • Reverted TP2.0 and other protocol changes because they caused packet drops on some J2534 interfaces
  • Fixed race condition with disconnect button and reconnection attempt


  • LIVE: Implemented mitigation for critical bug in ECU patch.
  • LIVE: Added graceful recovery in case of random dropped packets
  • VAG TP2.0 Protocol: performance improved 20-30%
  • KWP & UDS Protocols: minor performance improvements
  • Improved error handling in Muxer communication
  • Muxer has new version available, download it manually. New version has autoupdate functionality.


  • Fix support for Secure GW on MB Basic protocol
  • Add workaround for non-standard behavior of some Renault Hitachi controllers


  • NEW TOOL: VehiCAL Muxer - allows multiple loggers to connect to different control units at the same time.
  • LIVE: Support for M&S ECU's via Muxer
  • Added workaround in VAG Basic protocol to support Lamborghini Huracan TCU
  • LIVE: Fixed some detection heuristics for TC1766 based ECU's


  • LIVE: SPC5777 MG1/MD1 now supported


  • LIVE: Implement mitigation for buggy VAG gateways


  • Improve measurement filter responsiveness in some edge cases


  • LIVE: FAL ME17.3.0 support
  • LIVE: Detection and prevention of writing to areas with monitoring checksum (which would lead to ECU reset)
  • LIVE: Fixed issue with UI not updating when LIVE stopped due to error
  • The installer for the logger is now signed with a digital certificate, which should reduce antivirus false positives


  • LIVE: VAG MG1 IFX support
  • LIVE: Multivariant ECU support
  • PRO: Fix patching bug
  • Logging support for older EDC17CP04 ECU's
  • Support for BMW DME8.6 IDENT parsing
  • Fixed BMW Advanced protocol crash in certain conditions
  • Fixed bug in logging request composition on LIVE patched ECU's
  • Fixed error with patching TP2.0 ECU's introduced in 2.0


  • VAG MG1CS011 Advanced logging support for some newer variants
  • Changes for LIVE multivariant support


  • LIVE: some modifications to support newest MEDC17 ECU's


  • LIVE tuning release for Bosch MED17/EDC17
  • Modified protocol selection (removed radio buttons)


  • Definition format change, update is required
  • Fix issue with high RAM usage during loading of BMW Advanced definitions


  • Added MED17/EDC17 and MG1/MD1 support to BMW Advanced protocol
  • Translation database updated for BMW
  • Autodetect can now detect some (but not all) Renault ECUs
  • Fixed patching issue with some VAG MG1 1.5 TSI ECUs


  • PRO: Added option to enable profile editing on client
  • PRO: Added ability to set per-user default settings applied on new inits


  • PRO: Fixed issue with new files and VAG MED17 UDS
  • Improved measurement filter performance


  • PRO: Fixed issue with MED17 on VAG TP2.0
  • Fixed issue with some Renault value conversions
  • Modified MB Adv. MEDC17 patching to improve compatibility


  • Added Renault/Nissan CAN Basic protocol - supports all Renault CAN ECUs and most Nissan CAN ECUs.
  • Update to measurement engine, this update must be applied as soon as it is available due to breaking changes in definition handling.
  • Translation database update (use the update button after pressing “…” in measurement selection window): Added translations for Renault ECUs and VAG TCUs.
  • Logger now checks if logging folder is writable and warns the user if this is not the case.
  • Added ~500 more Porsche ECU definitions for VAG/Porsche Basic logger, and updated database to latest version.
  • VAG/Porsche Basic protocols now support display of text and byte array types.
  • Added Ctrl+Shift shortcut to start and stop logging
  • Added visual color indication to status bar when logging is active


  • Implemented permission check for logging folder
  • Fixed issue with BMW UDS Basic Slave selection


  • BMW UDS Basic: Now supports Slave ECU
  • BMW KWP CAN Basic: Now supports Slave ECU
  • Implemented critical crash reporting
  • Bugfixes


  • VAG/Porsche UDS Basic: Now supports all Porsche UDS ECUs
  • VAG TCU UDS Basic: Renamed to VAG/Porsche TCU UDS
  • VAG/Porsche TCU UDS Basic: Now supports all Porsche UDS TCUs (992, Panamera G2, Macan, E2 & E3 Cayenne)
  • MB UDS Basic: Added filtering to ECU ID readout
  • PRO: Added optional log encryption in Pro Client and decryption in Pro Manager
  • PRO: Added optional limiting of displayed variables in Pro Client
  • PRO: Added speed limitation control to Pro Manager


  • VAG TP2.0 Advanced: Added MEDC17 support
  • VAG Basic UDS ECU & TCU: Added automatic speed throttling for control units that drop connection with many parameters
  • VAG Basic UDS ECU & TCU: Bugfixes for array parsing


  • Fix endianness issues in VAG Basic logger
  • PRO: Confirmation dialog for request deletion in Manager


  • Allow infinite automatic reconnects as long as valid data has been received in between (helps with unstable connections/interfaces)


  • Bugfixes


  • Added VAG TCU UDS Basic protocol with support for all VAG transmissions
  • VAG UDS Basic protocol now supports all VAG UDS engine control units


  • PRO: Fix error in Manager


  • PRO: Fix translation


  • PRO: Client release
  • PRO: Manager release


  • Improved TP2.0 connection test handling


  • Added MG1 support to Mercedes UDS advanced protocol
  • Added MG1 support to Mercedes UDS basic protocol


  • Fixed patching on some MB EDC17 files


  • Added Ferrari KWP Basic Protocol for MED17.3.5
  • Added Alfa MED17.3.5 support to Fiat/Alfa advanced protocol, incl. Slave ECU
  • Fixed BMW MSD85 logging on KWP Basic protocol


  • Implemented optional translation of labels from German to English


  • Added VAG TP2.0 Advanced Protocol for MED9
  • Reduced CPU usage during logging


  • Implemented alternate gateway traversal method for new MB vehicles (2019+ A/CLA and others)
  • Added support for more MB EDC17 variants
  • Added flash offset detection to Patcher for SPC5777 to work around tools that cut out parts of flash (e.g. AutoTuner)
  • Fixed Honda MED17 patching


  • Fixed patching issues due to some VAG and FIAT control units pre-pending identification data with non-ASCII characters.


  • Fixed Huracan/R8 unpatched logging
  • Fixed identification for some variants of MED17.7.7


  • Added mitigation for new VAG MQB gateway throttling behavior
  • Fixed SDI9 identification
  • Added autotrimming of the API key to catch issues with spaces during copy-paste


  • Added Honda FK2/FK8 Type R advanced protocol
  • Added McLaren advanced protocol
  • Added Alfa MED17.3.0/MED17.3.1 support to Fiat advanced protocol
  • Added R series Mini support to BMW KWP basic protocol
  • Improved UDS timeout handling
  • Improved error messages


  • Hotfix


  • Added Fiat ME17.3.0 advanced protocol


  • Fix for EDC17C74 file parser


  • Added BMW KWP CAN Basic protocol (supports E-series 2007/03-)


  • Added Porsche SDI3, SDI4, SDI6, SDI8, SDI9, SDI10 KWP Advanced protocol


  • Fixed detection of Mercedes ECU's that can be logged without patching
  • Fixed some issues with cleanup tool.


  • New metadata format. Data traffic usage reduced by 50%, definition parsing time by 75% (4x speedup).
  • Added VAG SIMOS16 advanced protocol


  • Added ability to copy-paste the description in selection window with CTRL+C. For example to translate.


  • Fixed communication error


  • Added VAG / Porsche MG1 & MD1 support to advanced logger
  • Improved error reporting


  • Fix for MB Patching giving error


  • Fix for file parsing on VAG Dual ECU


  • Added Master/Slave ECU support for VAG Advanced protocol


  • Added BMW BMSO Advanced Protocol


  • Added VAG SIMOS 8.4 Basic protocol
  • Added VAG SIMOS 8.5 Basic protocol
  • Added VAG PCR 2.1 Basic protocol


  • Split logger into basic and advanced part
  • Registration and payment now via, old API keys are invalidated.
  • Basic logger monthly subscription based, advanced logger per VIN.
  • All current users received e-mail with instructions.
  • Added MB Basic logger for Gasoline and Diesel vehicles
  • Added MB EDC17 Advanced logger support


  • Fixed BMW MG1 logging


  • Fixed MED17.7.5 patching when presented only with IROM


  • Added full BMW F-Series and G-Series support (all engine ECUs)
  • Improved performance when adding multiple values while streaming


  • Fixed array names not showing in CSV


  • Fixed filter behavior when copypasting


  • Added Porsche SDI 10.2 and SDI10.3 support


  • Added min/max peak values in realtime view, they reset each time you re-connect
  • Increased UI maximum update rate to 20hz (does not affect logging rate)
  • Fixed crash when loading invalid profile
  • Fixed measurement selection window appearing offscreen


  • Fixed VAG SA


  • Fixed SDI21 ident


  • Fixed some J2534 init cases
  • Fixed patch ident


  • Added Mercedes MED17.7.x support
  • Added protocol selection/autodetection
  • Improved compatibility with other J2534 interfaces
  • Improved filter responsiveness


  • Added Porsche SDI21 support
  • Minor cosmetic fixes


  • Relaxed communication timeouts to improve compatibility


  • Added date and time to log name
  • Scroll to newly added measurement in selection and main window
  • Enter key now adds/removes from measurement list to selection


  • Added “Top add” checkbox to measurement selection


  • Fixed moving items while streaming


  • Fixed issue with selection window appearing offscreen when maximized


  • Fixed RPC on Windows 7


  • Improved ECU communication


  • Windows 7 is now supported


  • Added VAG SIMOS 12.1 support
  • Added VAG SIMOS 12.2 support
  • Added VAG SIMOS 18.10 support
  • Reworked measurement filter to support multiple search terms (separated by space)

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