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VehiCAL Muxer


The Muxer allows to start multiple Logger instances and connect them at the same time to the vehicle. It can be used with any UDS protocol. PRO clients are also supported.


  • Start the Muxer.
  • Select your J2534 device in the Muxer.
  • Press Start Muxer server to start the Muxer
  • In the Logger select the VehiCAL Muxer interface.
  • For connecting to multiple ECU's just start one Logger for each ECU - with the Muxer they can connect at the same time.


Parallel Mode

Parallel mode communicates with all control units simultaneously and is the fastest when communicating with multiple control units. ISO-TP is done in software. With a single control unit it will be always slower.

Unfortunately most devices can not handle very high bus loads in raw mode and start dropping chunks of frames leading to disconnects. For some devices it is enough to slow down the communication, others flat out refuse to work with multiple nodes.

You can check which devices support parallel mode in the Tested devices list.

Serial Mode

Serial mode communicates with each control unit at a time, the speed is effectively halved for every control unit. ISO-TP is done on the J2534 device.

The upside of the Serial mode is that it is stable on pretty much any J2534 device.

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