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Tested J2534 devices

Device Comment Muxer Parallel HW Muxer Parallel SW
Tactrix OpenPort 2.0Full speed, needs J2534 DriversNot supportedStable
MongoosePro 1/2/JLRFull speedUnknownUnknown
Autel MaxiFlashFull speedUnknownUnknown
EVC UCM100Full speed, use latest version!, enables tracing in WinOLSStable, slowNot supported
PeaK PCAN-USBVery high CPU usage, no K-Line (use through Muxer) Stable, high CPUStable
Scanmatik 2 ProFull speedStableStable
Setek VIDA DiCEFull speedUnknownUnknown
Kvaser J2534Not working, buggy J2534 DLLNot supportedNot supported
Chipsoft J2534 ProFull speedNot supportedStable, slow
Dialink J2534Full speedStableNot supported
Godiag GD101Not working - connection only through Muxer (see below)Not supportedUnknown

It is recommended to use a Parallel capable device if you wish to log multiple ECU's simultaneously using the Muxer.

If you have an unlisted interface and it does not seem to establish a reliable connection on CAN, you can try to use the Muxer in “Parallel SW” mode. This way the the ISO-TP stack runs in the Muxer, and the device only has to handle the transmission and reception of raw CAN frames. It has worked for certain Chinese no-name devices.

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