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Advanced options

Clicking the Options button will show and hide the Options Menu.

Limit Speed

The checkbox limits the streaming speed to 20hz. It is recommended to keep it checked at all times, unless you need very high speed data. A patched ECU can log at up to 100hz and the log files quickly become very large. Log processing software also often has trouble with huge log files.

The setting is not saved, it is always re-checked automatically after restart.


This parameter controls the inter-frame timing. It is only relevant on protocols that use hardware flow control (UDS and KWP2000, but not TP2.0), and only via direct connection (without Muxer). You can try to increase this value if you get frame drops, especially with the LIVE protocols.

The leftmost value (at -1) lets the device have it's default STmin (usually 0ms), or for some protocols the protocols supply their own STmin value. Any other setting overrides the value.

The setting is not saved, it always defaults to -1 on startup.

CSV header format

Controls the order of the header rows. The valid format is field specifier delimited by a comma. Each value after a comma is a new row.

Possible values:

  • {0} - ID
  • {1} - Description
  • {2} - Unit
  • {3} - Custom row (specified in next parameter)

The setting is persistently saved.

CSV custom header

Allows to specify a custom header row, that can then be used in the header format. It is a printf style string, where you can use the following arguments:

  • {0} - ID
  • {1} - Description
  • {2} - Unit

The setting is persistently saved.

Limit $22 req

Limits the maximum stacking size for $22 service. If you have issues with connection timeouts on Basic protocols, you can try adjusting this limit lower.

Disable $2C

Disables the usage of the $2C service. Some control units have buggy implementations of this service and it allows to side-step the problem. Can help with some Delphi control units on MB UDS Basic protocol. After checking the checkbox, you need to re-initialize for it to take effect.

The setting is not saved, it is turned off at startup.

Attempt to reconnect indefinitely

Once you start measuring or logging, the logger will always try to reconnect. There is a 3 second delay between attempts.
Useful if you wish to make a single long log from some kind of event.

Enable CSV markers

Adds a Marker column to all log files just after the Time column.
The column starts at 0 and every time you press the Ctrl+Alt key combination during logging it increases by 1.

The setting is persistently saved.

Enable WinOLS integration

Enables or disables the WinOLS map tracing integration for connecting from the Visualizer.
For more information see WinOLS Integration.

Send all selected measurements to WinOLS

Forces sending all measurements in the list to WinOLS, not only the ones requested by WinOLS.

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