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  • Basic protocols: included in 5 credits/30 days subscription
  • Advanced protocols: 5 credits per VIN

To purchase a license for an advanced protocol, there must be an active subscription. However, the protocol will continue working even if the subscription has expired.

NB! Sharing subscriptions between users is not allowed, and there are facilities in place that check for key sharing.


  • Setup fee: 250 credits
  • Subscription: 10 credits/30 days
  • Basic protocols: included in subscription
  • Advanced protocols: 5 credits per VIN

The Pro subscription also covers an unlimited number of dealers and includes the usage of the standard client.

For more information check out the Pro version page.

LIVE tuning

Standard users: Requires advanced protocol license + 5 credits per VIN.
Pro users: Requires advanced protocol license.

Credit cost

1 credit is approximately 10 EUR (excl. VAT), depending on payment type, the exact amount is always displayed in the Billing System.

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