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When sending a message regarding any kind of issue with the logger, please first initialize the ECU and always include the contents of the bottom window in the E-mail by using copypaste (click the box, press Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, then click the e-mail and press Ctrl+V). Send data as text, not as photos.

If there is an error message, make sure the error is also reproduced and included in the data.

If the problem happens during patching a file, then in addition to the above information also include the file.


Q: I receive the message ERROR: No definition was found on server, contact support.
A: Please provide all information as detailed on this page.

Q: I can not see my Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 in the Device dropdown.
A: Did you install the J2534 drivers?

Q: I always get ERROR: DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED with my Tactrix OpenPort 2.0.
A: You probably installed the newest drivers from the manufacturer, but have old firmware in the device. Either install and start EcuFlash once, so it can update the firmware or install the older driver linked above.

Q: Will the Logger work with xxx car?
A: Make an init with the Logger and only after you have made the init if you have an error, send a message with the init included.

Q: I am missing values in Basic protocol, can you add them?
A: No. Basic protocol is automatically generated from values present in the ECU. If it is not in the basic protocol, then it can not be added, use the advanced protocol (if available).

Q: What program can I use to view the logs?
A: Please see this list.

Q: After patching the file I can not flash OBD anymore with Autotuner!
A: You must checksum the file after patching. You did not checksum and Autotuner does not checksum in full read mode. Checksum the file and flash it again.

Q: Can I buy damos from you?
A: No, VehiCAL does not sell or exchange such data under any circumstances.

Q: Can you send me a profile? Can you help me tuning the car?
A: No, there simply is no time, sorry.

Q: Can you develop protocol for X?
A: For Basic no, or it's probably already being worked on. For Advanced you need to send hex/a2l at the bare minimum, preferably also an ECU, and you have to be a PRO user or there has to be significant demand for this protocol.

Q: Can I run the logger in a Virtual Machine (VM)?
A: While the logger will run in a VM, the USB passthrough drivers of the VM are not perfect and always introduce latency. All protocols that use raw CAN mode on the J2534 device and require high resolution timing will have significantly worse performance and can throw random obscure error codes and drop connection, so it is not recommended. Test without VM before you contact support.


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